Has it really been a month since the last one? And here I thought I was stepping it up. Things are pretty bleak in Robville, despite appearances. I hope things turn around for all our sakes pretty soon!

This single page took an hour or so to thumbnail, four hours to pencil, two hours to ink, and the last five hours to add washes, dialogue and post production. *Whew* There’s gotta be an easier way…

Oh, and if you’re wondering how the Dinos are walking around and breathing without their helmets while a flesh eating virus has killed everyone who isn’t and is working it’s way through Fabius, you have a few reasons to choose from:

A.) The virus was engineered for mammals (and those who look like mammals) and avians and basically non-Dinosauriens

B.) The Dinos are wearing personal force-fields


C.) Space dinosaurs are funner to draw without their gigantoid helmets.

Remember, there is no wrong answer, especially when the creator is tired.


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