AZZI (ah-ZI)–A three-thousand year old, self-evolved vampire. He has not eaten for the last three hundred years and believes he has a hold on it. Debilitated,but still incredibly powerful, Azzi can fly, become a wolf, a swarm of rats, exhibits superhuman strength and speed, and can read minds when he concentrates. Sunlight causes him immeasurable pain, but in space he will not combust because of the lack of air and pressure. He feels that in the countless years of discipline and sacrifice he may just be worthy to return to heaven. It’s worth a try…
SERA BESH–The young blonde, blue-eyed, slender captain of the Bluebird hypercurve ship. Though she is human in every way, she is one of the Soulless, the space-faring race of man that continues to propagate without the blessing or watchful eye (so it seems) of God. She has a powerfully beautiful singing voice, loves beer and constantly wears a cross to keep Azzi at bay. She has only heard of Heavenearth in songs, so her interest is purely material.
KYTON (KI-ton)–This cyborg is half machine, half gremlin. He spent thousands of years breaking the inventions of man, slowing their progress, but during the Return of Christ, his pack of “infant demons” snuck aboard the living tree-ship called Willowark and this time, rather than cause the ship to fail, they kept it together and helped 13,000 people escape the solar system–these people would beget the Soulless. His pack scattered and he went into seclusion.
XTL (Suh-tl, Ex-TOL or EX-TEE-EL)–This female alien looks like a beachball-sized eye, with various organs and long, beautiful tendrils made of energy dangling beneath it. She communicates by telepathic symbology and moves by mental control of the electromagnetic spectrum, or by utilizing her energy tendrils. Xtl is a member of the Council of Others, who has petitioned for an audience with God for centuries, but the petition has never penetrated the Shield. And the petitioners have always disappeared. Prophecy compels her to join the Vampire’s crew, but destiny is rarely that simple.
FABIUS–The Lord’s Gun, Fabius was dispatched outside the Godshield to track down all those who escaped God’s wrath and serve as their judge, jury and executioner. He is currently under the guise of the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter, as he has found the role to be an efficient one to hunt down the few remaining names on his list. But he has been apart from God’s love and warmth for so long, he is quite divorced from emotion or mercy.
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