It gives me great pleasure to present the awesome and kick-ass work of Sergio J. A. Ragno III, creator of Red City and

This is his gift to me out of the 2009 Comic Genesis Secret Santa gift art exchange. Thanks, Serge!

My Secret Santa for the other Webcomic Gift Art Exchange in which I participated for X-Mas ’09 was none other than Robert M. Cook, creator of , for whom I had the pleasure of being Secret Santa in the Comic Genesis Gift Art Exchange! I immersed myself so thoroughly in his universe while I was researching to create his gift in the other exchange that to see Azzi in his style was both surreal and a real treat! Thank you, Robert!
This is a piece from my friend Mari. A character from the universe of Forsaken Stars, “Janine is a woman who came from a bad background and grew up all too fast, perhaps her household was abusive, or her first love. I picture her as running a hole-in-the-wall bar, or perhaps a cafe. She takes care of herself, and her business and she doesn’t take shit from anyone. She never will again. She’s a strong woman who will take a liking to someone and be their friend forever – but getting to be her friend is a difficult process. She’s the type of woman that has information on everything, but is known to keep secrets. Janine is being arrested, but she won’t give up the information she knows, nor would she give in to torture.” Thanks, Mari! You can check out more of Mari’s wonderful work at her deviantARTpage and her blog
Captain Sera and Azzi with Eliphaz Passage It gives me great pleasure to present the dynamic, crisp, clean, and totally cool art of E.T. Toman, creator of the sci-fi adventure webcomic Westward!
XTL, Azzi and Sera Our Three Principal Players, XTL, The Vampire Azzi and Captain Sera Besh are coolly rendered here by Kloob, the modern hero of the surreal and creator of Currhue! His mind-blowing comic is about Albert, a luckless young fellow who wins the lottery and a brilliant girl, then he dies, is launched into space, and is resurrected into a land of talking dinosaurs! If you love Aeon Flux, The Maxx, The Prisoner, and/or Forsaken Stars, it’s a good bet you’ll go freaking crazy over Currhue!
Captain Sera with Hoody Look what I got for my birthday! It’s a wonderful sketch of Captain Sera Besh by Rita Vargas. She is an amazing photographer, painter and tattoo artist. A website is pending, but you can drop me a line if you’re in the Fresno area and are looking to get some body art!
Azzi and Sera It’s a lovely piece of fan art depicting The Vampire Azzi and Captain Sera Besh by Sloane, aka Marskitty. It was given to me for my birthday, July 7th. You can see more of her gorgeous art at her deviantART page!
I Need Somebody This wonderful Sing Along Collage is brought to us by the lovely Terra Fleeting, a dear friend and fellow artist. While she normally deals in pencils, watercolors and sculpture, she was inspired to take some panels from issue two, add a dash of psychedelia and put it to an immortal Beatles song. I’m honored.
Captain Sera Glamour Shot Harmony’s entry in our Fan Art Contest, Captain Sera Besh proclaiming her femininity! You can check out more of Harmony’s great art, poetry and thoughts at Harmonic Expressions
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