So here’s a quick rundown of the day’s events:

Hot Rod & Car Show-yeah, that was awesome.

Soul Intact-Winners of the Battle for Blazefest, they sounded great and I will have to make a point of checking them out when they play in town again. Which shouldn’t be too long a wait, since they’re local!

Paperback Hero-From Los Angeles, these guys brought it! So enthusiastic and so grateful (Everclear lent them equipment so that they could play), these guys kicked much ass.

Candlebox-Great live sound, Candlebox did NOT Dissapoint.

Claire SinclairBettie Page Clothing Store spokesmodel, has a part K-11, in a film coming out soemtime in 2012 and of course, she is the reigning Playmate of the Year 2011. She’s really nice and sweet in person, and when I handed her my Forsaken Stars card she was genuinely interested and said she’d check it out. Ali took an incredible picture of us, and I feel truly horrible that we scooted out of there before I got a picture of the two of them together (that was the plan)–but I guess I was just a little starstruck. And she’s only 20!

Everclear-Well, let’s just say it’s not called Blazefest for nothing.

Tesla-These guys were AMAZING. I’d never seen them life before, and I think I had one of their cassette tapes when I was a kid. But I think that’s going to have to change. They OWNED Blazefest. Do whatever you have to do to see these guys live, and pick up their new CD Twisted Wires on iTunes or in their store.

Cheap Trick-We didn’t get to see Cheap trick, Ali’s jaw and a toothache got so bad we had to bail at around nine. That’s also why this post is on the thin side. She’s gotta get the tooth out and we’re headed out about now. So a few prayers her way would be nice and you can send her comments via the Forsaken Stars facebook page, which she helps admin, or directly to her twitter account at @camponlovesign.

UPDATE: Ali had tooth extraction surgery–one bad, mean, mean molar, grr–and she’s on vicodin and watching the Emmy’s. Well wishes continue to be appreciated. Thanks!

You kind find more info on Blazefest and pics at 105.1 The Blaze and their facebook page!

Thanks and keep rocking!

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