A Look Under the Hood!

Kizo awakes deep within Mount Tomb. (Whoever named these things wasn’t very cheery, were they?) Ancient tectonic sensors detected a 2 x 10 to the 17th Joules impact (approx.) strike the planet 2,092 kilometers/1,300 miles away. As the sole surviving Master Sentinel of Medoa (now known as Yurukin), Kizo is dispatched by The Mother World Intelligence (MoWI) to investigate the possible threat to the planet. Rather than take a shuttle or teleport, since he has been under for so long, Kizo decides to hoof it and see how much the world has changed in the last century or so.

Now that you know a little more about our story, are you more or less invested or more or less intrigued? It’s always a fine line to walk figuring out how much to inform the reader and when.

In any case, I have so much love for my Zeepad’s ┬ásymmetry tool!

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