I will admit, much of the lore I’ve acquired over the years concerning vampires comes from three sources:? Bram Stoker’s Dracula (that’s right, I had a First Edition in the palm of my hand at one point), Time Life Books’ Night Creatures circa 1985, and a whole lotta roleplaying via White Wolf Publishing’s Vampire:? The Masquerade.? Sure, I’ve seen a ton of vampire movies, but there’s just something about the printed word that lends so much more credibility to the vampire mythos.

In the last few pages I’ve taken a few tried-and-true twists from some well-known sources:? Azzi has moved his heart (where, one must wonder), he places a few drops of his potent blood across Yelena’s eyelids to put her to sleep in a spellcast fashion, and he has also psychically drawn Imogene to his bedroom.? But just as Azzi has many vampiric powers, he does have weaknesses.? The iron javelin has prevented him from immediately healing his wound, and he does need sustenance of the sanguine kind.

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