“For the Love of the Forest” Spiral Legion illustration complete! Juniper, ASF special ops soldier was designed for deep jungle warfare, with a combination of dormant gene actuation and gene splicing from an alien plant symbiote. This is a desaturated color variant, going for more of an evening look, with maybe some moonlight providing some of the highlights.

I ran the original inked drawing through Clip Studio Paint Pro on my PC to create the transparent ink layer, then I painted the layer beneath the inks in Procreate for the iPad.

One of my first Foliage illustrations looked like this:


Probably based on Cindy Crawford (that gorgeous hair!), the idea was this would be on a card that you could hold to identify your character type. There was one made for each of the twelve or so DoGAs (Dormant Gene Actuates).

After I wrote Prelude to Spiral Legion, I thought I should start seriously illustrating the DoGAs and other characters again in preparation for new Spiral Legion stories. Or at least, in the meantime, a Spiral Legion Art Show. Juniper was one of the first.


A couple years later, I’m looking at it thinking it’s a little stiff, a little more iconic than emotive. So I came up with a draft on Medibang. It looked like this:

Juniper in Medibang

Still a little rough, and didn’t show the arch of the body that was in my mind’s eye. So I sat down with marker paper and pencil and sketched out this one:
New Juniper 2018 Pencils

Then I inked it, colored it in Procreate, desaturated it, then added a few strokes of color and highlights and arrived at the final image.

Comments welcome. Thanks!

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