If you follow my tweets, or other webcomics, or you’re a webcomic creator yourself, then you probably know that on November 8th, 2010, the webcomic list awards 2010 nominations page went live.

“Anybody involved in the creation, distribution or promotion of comics, either online or in print can nominate comics, but you’re not allowed to nominate your own comics or comics made by any of this year’s judges or organising committee.”

There are nine categories, and you can vote for up to three comics per category.

The nominations will close on Monday, December 20th, so there’s still plenty of time, if you’re a webcomicker, to get your ballot in!

I turned mine in last week, and let me tell  you, it was tough. I don’t make as much time as I should to read many of the great, great webcomics that are out there, and choosing from the thousands that can be found on the webcomic list, topweb comics, Comic Genesis, ComicPress etc. can be a daunting task. So I asked myself, who deserves it, who works hard, who is new and/or could use a leg up, and what do I like?

I also had some help from my better half, Ali, who has helped tremendously in the development of this website, my work, the Forsaken Stars facebook page, and getting the word out, so if you don’t like my choices, blame her. Just kidding. She has a great eye for what’s good.

The nomination ballots are secret, but a few creators have posted their ballots to help get the word out and encourage fellow creators to fill out their ballots, and I’d like to follow suit, so, without further ado, here are my nominations:

by Steve “Kloob” Thompson

Menage a 3 story by Dave Zero 1 and Giz, art by Giz

Tinkers of the Wasteland by Rulo Treviño

(since Nov 1st)
by Josh Stratton and Steve Macleod

Apocalypse Meh by Jonathan Westhoff and Bobgar Ornelas

Tribes story and script by Michael Geszel and Peter Spinetta art by Inaki Miranda and color by Eva de la Cruz

by Eldon Cowgur

Blue Milk Special Story by Rod Hannah, Art by Leanne Hannah and 3D Models by Geoffrey Padilla

Sophia: The Awakening by Terrence Bernard

The Princess and the Giant
by Ben Chamberlain

The Marvel: A Biography of Jack Parsons Words by Richard Carbonneau, Art by Robin Simon

Endstone by Anthony Theisen

The Legend of the Knyghtmare
by John East

A Softer World by Emily Horne and Joey Comeau

Crowbar by Derek Paterson

Questionable Content
‘s Pintsize

Gross of Goblins ‘ “sort of thing that was the source of that strange   fluid that seems to collect at the top of the mustard container.”

Tinkers of the Wasteland ‘s Milla by rulo treviño

Agent X Comics
by Scott Hampson

disquietville by Daniel Spottswood

Treading Ground by Nick Wright

Love is in the Blood
by writer Greg Carter and artist Elliot Dombo

Westward by E.T. Toman

Wayward Sons: Legends by Benny R. Powell

Sandra and Woo
by Powree and Oliver Knorzer

Mansion of E by Robert M. Cook

1977 The Comic by W. Byron Wilkins

Yeah, plenty of these are in my blogroll, and have banners on my page, but that’s because I follow them and love them and would love for them to be recognized. I did do quite a bit of searching and reading other webcomics before making my decisions. It’s my first year voting, so who knows, maybe next year I’ll expand my horizons even more. But I have a feeling I could easily nominate several of these again if they continue to keep up the great, great work.

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