Thirteen Stories of Mind-Expanding Science-Fiction and Horror

Fresno, CA – Rob Lopez, creator of the sci-fi, horror and fantasy webcomic and blog Forsaken Stars ( is self-publishing Prelude to Spiral Legion, a short story collection that serves as a primer to his Spiral Legion Universe. Spiral Legion begins in 2589 AD, when our colonization of the galaxy becomes threatened by the Shrekar, a reptilian alien race that can render all technology on a planet useless. Prelude to Spiral Legion covers the time between now and then, not just with the epic moments of future history—new technology, war, traveling to new frontiers–but with more intimate explorations of human, robot and enhanced human interactions. Prelude to Spiral Legion is now available for kindle and kindle for smartphone, tablet or pc at


Three stories from the collection were released over the last two years to create buzz for the collection, including:

“Cleaner than Spotless” takes place in 2150 in Locus New Jersey, where Jovey CR-1477, an android-robot hybrid designed by Doctor Aryo Caredeñas, cleans up the unfortunate accidents for the family. Jovey must deal with Officer Dominic Serposa, the violent Metrofane Catalano, and his own Emotion Controls to keep his family safe.

“Ko Maua Ia Moana Male ‘ana (Our Ocean Wedding Day)” takes place in 2176 off the coast of the California Islands, fifty years after “The Great Quake.” Coast Guardsman Lieutenant Derrick “Dee” Keyes, first mate of the Cutter Zyrfass is about to marry the love of his life, marine agriculture technician Anjaneia Nui Waikamali`i, a third generation mermaid, homo sapiens aquarius. Their obstacles? A tsunami and Dee’s disapproving mother, Gladadale.

“The Skies of Mars” takes place in 2265, on Mars, where Agent Raaf Krusen, the last UFOlogist, interviews retired Sheriff Gerald Corbett about his personal experiences with unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) over the skies of Viking Colony at Terra Meridiani over a span of fifty years. Together they connect the dots between a paranoid miner, a mecha test pilot, and Krusen’s own daughter.

Other stories in the collection include:

“Time to Put the Toys Away” –circa 2230s- A telepath, a clairvoyant and a telekinetic play a game only one can win.

“Preyer Jar” –circa 2300- Wherein a religious man undergoes a radical genetic make-over to forget his sins.

“Future Vagrant” –circa 2513- A vignette about a homeless man and his robot doll.

“A German Shepherd, His Lord Magician and the Chippendale Arm Chair” –circa 2572- Wherein a blind agent of the Vatican and his guide dog are dispatched to the planet Altar to investigate the claims of a possessed arm chair!

…and, as they say, much, much more.

Kyle Aisteach, fellow Fresno Scifi and Fantasy Writer, said of this collection, “Rob Lopez is one of my generation’s successors to the greats of the Golden Age. From the hilarious to the darkly disturbing, these are the kind of stories that made you fall in love with science fiction in the first

About Rob Lopez:

Raised in rural Orange Cove, Rob Lopez was influenced most by the Star Wars films, Spider-Man and X-Men comics and the works of H.G. Wells and Isaac Asimov. While in high school Lopez created the comic strip “Nucleon” for the Reedley Exponent, Foreign Affairs, an original play performed by his peers, and his short story “Magdalaine” was published in Symmetry, the Reedley College literary magazine. In his twenties Rob designed Spiral Legion, the sci-fi/horror roleplaying game. In 2009, he created the webcomic and blog Forsaken Stars and in 2010 he joined the Fresno Scifi & Fantasy Writers. He is a fan of his parents, his fiancée, his fiancée’s parents, Sarah McLachlan and the Fresno music and art scene.

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