Deleted Scene Forsaken Stars, 4a: “Special Security 9 WTH?”

Eyt, SVN, Terese, Dos and Commander One.

Rear Crew Quarters of The Bluebird.

Panel 1. WIDESHOT Space Ninjas Eyt, SVN, Terese, Dos and Commander One are crammed into an aft crew room, each cuffed and bound by cable to their beds, except the Commander, sitting in a metal chair. They’ve been provided coveralls. There is a BOOM! THRUUUMMMM. Dos—Sounds like the Fleet has caught up. Time to make our move, sir?

Panel 2. Commander One—The fleet’s using prototonics to clear the asteroids. I doubt this ship has a comm tower powerful enough to cut through the interference.

Panel 3. Eyt—The Vampire could have killed us, but instead he tended to our wounds, fed us and clothed us in these really comfortable coveralls. Maybe The President is wrong–

Panel 4. SVN—We have our orders, Eyt! We don’t question them. No matter how comfortable the coveralls.

Panel 5. Dos, standing, wincing at the pain in his legWe should grab Nein, get out, rejoin the fleet and regroup.

Commander One—The Prez is using fire to smoke out the rats. We go out in that heat, we get cooked. Our best bet is to sit pretty.

Dos—C’mon, sir, don’t tell me your plan is to be a prisoner.

Panel 6. Terese—We watch, listen. And learn.

Commander One—Until we have what we need to kill this bloodsucker.

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